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Egg White Facial Soap

Egg White Facial Soap

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Introducing the Egg White Facial Soap! Break away from harsh and drying soaps, and give your skin the nourishing care it needs--while still keeping it feeling clean and refreshed! Our secret soap recipe is infused with egg whites for maximum hydration and gentle cleansing. Make your next facial feel like an egg-cellent experience!

Our Egg White Facial Soap is made with organic egg whites to create an all natural, artisan skin cleanser.

Made with gentle olive oil wonderful for sensitive or troubled skin.

This is our best selling item! Customers keep coming back, because it works.

This soap isn't complicated or fancy, but rather just simply amazing.

Handmade in very small batches for the highest quality control. I designed this facial bar for myself. It is fabulous! My skin was so soft and smooth after just one use. 

Scent: Very light jasmine floral scent.

Ingredients: Olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, organic egg whites, kaolin clay and fragrance oil.

Bars weigh 3 oz.

This listing is for one bar.

Contains Egg Whites - Please do not use if you are allergic to eggs.

To Use: Rinse skin with water, rub bar between hands to create lather, gently massage lather in to skin, rinse skin with warm water and pat dry. 


 Feed back from our customers: "This soap seems to sell out quickly. I think those of us who have used this find that it works amazingly well so we keep coming back. Really helps to prevent breakouts and cuts down redness/ inflammation to speed up healing."

"Love this soap, thanks a bunch!"

"Repeat customer :) can't go without this stuff now! Keeps my skin clear & soft."

"Love this soap, it works great!"

"I love this morning face soap and evening face soap - I always use a more mild soap in the morning and then one to pull all the dirt and grime from my skin at night. This is perfect. Activated charcoal for the evening and the more mild egg white soap for morning. Another great product from Kiyi Kiy!!"


"In LOVE with this face wash. I have skin that is oily in my T-zone but dry & flaky everywhere else. I'm also prone to cystic acne and redness--this soap is a lifesaver! My skin is so much softer and clearer. Will be back for sure!!"

"This is my 3rd purchase. Very good soap for my acne prone skin."

"The best face soap around, which keeps me coming back for more, again and again:) Thank you!!!"

"Absolutely LOVE this soap!!! Noticed a great difference after one use. Will definitely order again....Thank you sooo much for such an amazing product"

"I love this soap so much that I went back for more this time for myself, is the best facial soap i have used."

"This soap works sooo well for skin break outs. Plus it's non irritating. "

"Wonderful face soap, me an my daughter tried it and love it! Will definitely come back for more! Thank you!"

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