• Our process:  All of our products are created in small, hand mixed, artisanal batches.    Yes, it takes longer.  Yes, it IS a lot of work.  But we think you will agree that the results are worth it.  Each product is wrapped and labeled by hand.  This is truly a small, hands on,  business.   As Kiyi Kiyi has grown we have taken steps to insure the maintenance  of this small hand made  process.  This may mean that, if your favorite soap is sold out, you will have to wait for that scent to be restocked.   As the saying goes, "The best things in life are worth waiting for."  :)

  • Restock Dates:  To keep a healthy work/life balance we periodically close our shop during the year.  This gives us time to restock the shop with new items and experiment with new ideas.  Follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok) to see when we are closing and opening the shop.


  • International Orders: At this time Kiyi Kiyi products are only available for shipment in the US. 


  • International Import Taxes & Fees:  Import fees and taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser .  Please do not ask us to mark your international order as a 'gift'.  We are unable to break the law.


  • Payment:  Kiyi Kiyi accepts US dollars by both PayPal and traditional Credit Cards. You can use your PayPal account to pay with a credit card, debit card, checking account, or PayPal balance - the shopping cart will redirect you to the secure PayPal site.   We do not accept personal checks.

  • Shipping & Tracking:  

    All orders will receive a USPS tracking number.

    We currently ship orders 3 to 5 days after the order is received.  If this time period includes a week-end the shipping date may be slightly extended.  Sadly, the USPS just won't take our packages on Sunday.


  • Returns/Refunds: Due to the nature of our product, we cannot accept returns of any kind (that includes exchanges). Should a product arrive damaged or in some sort of unsatisfactory condition, we love to work with customers to provide refunds or replacements


  • Contact:  For customer service questions, order followup we offer the contact form on this site, and can be reached via e-mail. We monitor our customer service e-mail Monday - Friday during business hours (10 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST), and will respond as soon as possible. Our phone services are not closely monitored (our offices double as production facility and fulfillment center), so e-mail remains our primary means of contact for time-sensitive inquiries.

    Soap Lab: 
    Kiyi Kiyi

    2032 5th St SW

    Willmar, MN 

  • Perks:  We know that everyone loves a surprise.  So each Kiyi Kiyi customer will be pleased to find a sample shipped with your order.  Have a special request of something you have been dying to try?  Simply leave us a comment with your request!   


  • Gift Giving:  We would love to send a gift to your friends, family or swap partners! Just let us know where it's going via the "Shipping Address" field. If you'd like to include a greeting with your gift, just leave a note in the "Gift Message" field - all gift orders will ship anonymously otherwise.  Each gift package will be wrapped with love and care!  


  • Living With Soap:  Kiyi Kiyi soaps have a very high glycerin content, which makes them humectant and nourishing on your skin, and extremely water soluble. If you leave them in a hot damp steamy shower, they will disappear much too quickly. We recommend a soap dish with good drainage.   Keep your soap happy!  Let it dry out between uses.

  • Vegan?  Each product is labeled with its ingredients and many are vegan.  Our basic recipe is olive oil and coconut oil.  Pure and simply perfect!  Some of our special edition  soaps and our goat milk soaps are not vegan, but they are clearly labeled.


    Local Ingredients?  When ever possible we use locally sourced Minnesota grown ingredients.  For example our Tipsy Hippy line features Minnesota micro brewed beer.  Our wine soaps feature wine made from Minnesota grown grapes and our goat's milk comes from a local farm.